Game Birds Pheasant Traditional Tailored Linen Lampshade


This is a made to order, traditionally sewn fully lined scollop lampshade made in Voyage game bird fabric.  The pattern features assorted gamebirds on a natural linen fabric background. 


This lampshade is not produced by Voyage, however it is handmade using authentic Voyage fabric. I am not affiliated with or sponsored by Voyage.



22": Top ring: 25 cm, Bottom ring: 54 cm, Height: 40 cm

14": Top ring: 18 cm, Bottom ring: 37 cm, Height: 27 cm ( shown in picture)

10": Top ring: 13 cm, Bottom ring: 26 cm, Height: 20 cm


This lampshade is suitable for a lampbase or a ceiling pendant. Each shade will vary slightly due to the fabric pattern repeat however I try to ensure good placement on each light shade. Trim may vary depending on availability.


Please note that the pattern on the fabric does significantly reduce when the light is on.



Each lampshade is provided with a converter plug to adapt to UK and EU lamp fittings.

Low energy light bulbs are recommended ( 40 watts or less)


Please allow three weeks for delivery on this lampshade.