Enchanted Forest Stag Deer Candle Clip (2)


These beautiful candle clip lampshades are made from Voyage country enchanted forest fabric. The pattern features stags and other forest birds and animals on a watercolour background.


These lampshades are not produced by Voyage, however they are handmade using authentic Voyage fabric. I am not affiliated with or sponsored by Voyage.


The shades feature a single seam and rolled edges.



Top ring - 7 cm

Bottom ring - 13.5 cm

Height - 13 cm


Each shade will vary slightly due to the fabric pattern repeat however I try to ensure good placement on each light shade.



The lampshades have been lined with flame retardant PVC which has passed glow wire tests carried out by the lighting association.

Each lampshade comes with a candle clip fitting which clips directly onto a candle bulb.

Low energy light bulbs are recommended ( 40 watts or less)