Bumble Bee Embroidered Grey Linen Lampshade


This beautiful lampshade features embroidered bees on a grey linen fabric background. The lampshade has been lined with a gold matt embossed lining. The lining reflects the light out of the top and bottom of the shade and not through the fabric part of the shade.

The shades feature a single seam and rolled edges.



30 cm drum: 30 cm diameter, 21 cm high


Please select if this is for a table/ floor lamp or a ceiling light so the pattern will be the right way up. Each shade will vary slightly due to the fabric pattern repeat however I try to ensure good placement on each light shade.



The lampshade has been lined with flame retardant PVC which has passed glow wire tests carried out by the lighting association.

Each lampshade is provided with a converter plug to adapt to UK and EU lamp fittings.

Low energy light bulbs are recommended ( 40 watts or less)


Please note that it is the lampshade only that is included in the sale, not the table lamp or any other accessories shown in the pictures.