Bespoke lampshades

Chic Shades is currently only taking bespoke orders that can be collected from Southbourne, West Sussex. 

No postage option is available on bespoke shades.


Lampshades can be made to order in your favourite fabric and to your perfect size.  

Chic shades only makes and recovers bespoke lampshades with hard lined pvc, not traditional sewn fabric lined shades.

You can provide your own fabric and I can also recover an existing lampshade frame. Linen or cotton fabrics are best for rigid lampshades, silk is not suitable. 

Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure you have ordered the correct size bespoke lampshades and fittings.  No refunds  or exchanges will be provided on bespoke lampshades.


Prices - (if supplying own fabric):


Drum / Oval Lampshades with hard pvc lining:

20 cm diameter: from £18

25 cm diameter: from £20

30 cm diameter: from £25

35 cm diameter: from £30

40 cm diameter: from £35

50 cm diameter: from £50

60 cm diameter: from £65 

Collection only from Southbourne, West Sussex.


Tapered / Coolie Lampshades with hard pvc lining:

Candle Clip Lampshades (top ring 8 cm, bottom ring 14.5 cm, height 13.5 cm

These fit  40w regular candle bulbs, 25w halogen candle bulbs or 7/9w low energy candle bulbs): from £12

7.5" coolie (top ring 10 cm, bottom ring 19 cm, height 14 cm): from £18

12" coolie (top ring 10 cm, bottom ring 28 cm, height 16.5 cm): from £30

14" coolie (top ring 13 cm, bottom ring 35 cm, slant 21 cm, height 18 cm) from £35

Collection only available from Southbourne, West Sussex.


Traditional fabric lampshades; 

Chic shades is currently unable to take on any traditional hand sewn fabric lined lampshades.


Email me to discuss:  Please email dimensions and pictures of the lampshade you would like to enquire about.


Examples of bespoke lampshades:

 blush pink harris tweed bespoke lampshade  silver and blue bespoke bedside table lamps  tailored romo cream linen lampshade  cream harris tweed coolie tapered lampshade  voyage bowmore bowmont pheasant tapered lampshade  Large tapered gold bronze bespoke lampshade  red white pleated silk oval lampshade  pink tweed coolie lampshade with feathers  Orla kiely cream lampshade  orla kiely orange flowers retro lampshade  silk ornate detail and bead trim lampshade recover   traditional lampshade refurbish

Stages of a bespoke traditional lampshade being recovered: